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Welcome to your Real You!

What is this Purpose Personality Test?

It's a quick and easy multiple-choice test (takes only 5 minutes!) that determines very accurately the type of "Value Provider" you are, meaning: How you love to give value to others - the foundation to a happy and successful life.
(More details about the Test itself you can find in the FAQ below.)

The High-Value Background of this Test:

  • Based on 20+ years of Life Coaching.

  • Fine-tuned by feedback from thousands of participants.

  • Validated by a certified clinical psychologist with decades of experience and numerous additional qualifications.

Just by answering 7 fun and quick questions - for FREE!
Ready? Then let's go!

"The Purpose.Bingo is awesome! It showed me in an easy and exciting way how I tick. That gave me an immense clarity very quickly! As a mentor who guides people through their challenges, that is one of the most important things to have. By knowing my Purpose Personality Type, I can get to the heart of what I have to give without burning myself out. Thank you, Flint, for this great opportunity!"

Melanie Gutkas
Mentor and Mom

"The first test that really got me thinking. The selection of answers is perfectly formulated, for everyone! The result is very detailed and concrete. But most of all it's very accurate and helpful. Thanks for the great work behind it. I'm excited and can't wait to see what else Flint has created to help us find and live our true Purpose in Life!"

Josef Elsner

Business Strategist, Free Spirit, Visionary

„Wow, this test was so quick and easy! All the answer options were very clear, so I needed just a few seconds to decide and mark my "right one". And the test result was a perfect match that really made me feel „seen“! Thank you so much Flint, your great work inspires me to trust in ME and to go for it - MY WAY. So helpful!“

Sabine Köhle
Empath, Coach, Mom

"Sure, there are numerous personality tests out there. But this one is truly unique. It's very short and simple, which makes the profound result all the more surprising. Not only is it absolutely on point, but the detailed report also gives you dozens of highly inspiring impulses for your personal development. Well done and thank you!"

Stefan Randa
Musician, Producer, Composer

For free - but highly valuable!

What are my benefits of taking the Purpose.Bingo?

  • You learn how you can best be of value for others!

  • You understand yourself and your decisions better!

  • You can understand other Personailty Types better!

  • And you will also get some individualized, helpful recommendations how to better treat yourself and others

More details about all the cool benefits of the Purpose.Bingo you can find in the FAQ section below!

Just by answering 7 fun and quick questions - for FREE!
Ready? Then let's go!

New Times need new feeling > thinking > acting!

Are you ready for a better Tomorrow?

Only when you really know what makes you unique ...

... you can also value and appreciate the uniqueness of OTHERS. And that is the only way to makes things better, more fun, more sustainable, human-centric, empathetic, and long-lastingly successful and happy-making for everybody.

That's why our first step should be:
To find out who we really are.
Do you agree? Then take the Test and find out!


Got more questions? No problem.
Here are our Top10 answers:

Is this a valid personality test or just a fun quiz?

Unlike about 90% of all those "What kind of ... am I?" fun quizzes on Social Media is this Purpose.Bingo a valid and highly valuable Personality Type assessment.

It has been developed over the last 34 years, based on an equally long practice as a Future Consultant and Vision Strategist for 280+ big brands such as Disney and AUDI as well as 23 years as a Life Transformation Coach for thousands of private 1:1 clients.

FAQ image

What does this mean: "Purpose Personality"?

It’s a way to categorize our approach to Life and Work - it shows us our preferred way of giving Value to others.

We all have our unique world views and filters. But we are mostly not really aware of this worldview difference from other people who see an identical situation from a totally different perspective.

If we explore these strengths and weaknesses, our potentials and overall uniqueness, we gain self-worth and confidence - and we can value and appreciate the "otherness" of others much better.

FAQ image

Who created this methodology?

Marc Flint is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, marketing visionary, 36-times book author, university lecturer, high performance mentor and Future Coach. Until 2015, he lived and worked mainly in his home country Germany, but since then, he travels the world and works internationally.

He developed this Purpose.Bingo for his coaching clients and let it validate by a certified psychologist in Munich. Starting in early 2023, he opens the door to this valuable Self-Assessment for everybody who wants to find out their Purpose Personality Type quickly, easily, and for free.

More infos about Flint you can find on www.MarcFlint.com

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Why is this test for free if it is of such high value?

The Purpose.Bingo is Marc Flint's personal gift to the world to support all those people who want to give their best to make the world a better place.

On this journey, the Purpose.Bingo can be a great first step. Because we all can only give our best if we know what that is, right? So please check it out, use it, tell your friends about it, share it, and apply what you learn here.

The ripple effect of giving everybody the opportunity to find out their Purpose Personality will also help YOU to live your purpose and create value for others.

Because for the others ... WE are the others! ☺︎ 

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How does this test work?

It is really quick and easy and will take only about 5 minutes.

When you start the test, you will come to a series of 7 easy questions with 5 multiple-choice answers to choose from.

Don't hesitate or think about your answers for too long - your gut feeling is mostly right and the best option.

After answering these 7 questions, you will immediately come to the result page.

FAQ image

How many and which Personality Types are there?

On your Result Page, you will find out which one of the 5 Purpose Personality types you are ... MOSTLY. Because nobody is a 100% ENERGIZER, STRATEGIST, EMPATH, INSPIRATOR, or CONNECTOR.

We are all super-unique individual combos of 2-3 of these types ... but with ONE dominating type that best describes our personality type regarding "giving value to others by living your true purpose.“ 

This Self-Assessment will help you not only to get to know yourself better, but also to see which other Purpose Personality types you can serve and collaborate with best.

FAQ image

What will I get if I do the test?

On your result page, you will be able to ...

✨ find out what Purpose Personality Type you are,
✨ what that actually means, e.g. what your STRENGTHS are,
✨ and how to share this result (only if you want, of course) with your friends so that they, too, can find out their own Purpose Personality Type.

All for free.

In case you want to DOWNLOAD your Test Result for later reference as an eBook with Video and Audio and with far more in-depth information plus additional helpful and valuable resources to continue on your way towards a happy and successful Future Life, you can find more infos on how you can do that (for just $8!) as well - in the next question below:

FAQ image

Are my answers stored somewhere?

No, they are not.
Please note that we don’t store your answers. Never. So you don't have to worry about sensitive data about you floating around. We need these answers just to determine your main Purpose Personality type and individualize your test result, that's all. Then our system "forgets" them. Word of honor. 🤞🏻

In order to show you your personalized test result, we of course need your eMail address to show and send it to you. GDPR and other privacy laws demand this, and we take your data protection very seriously. You will find more infos about this on our Privacy Policy declaration.

We value your trust and will never misuse your data. We will only send you valuable updates and additional resources specifically for your Purpose Personality once in a while, but if you don't want to receive these free tips and recommendations anymore, you will find a link to unsubscribe easily and quickly in each of our mails (and we definitely DON'T send eMails daily like most others - more like once or twice a week, and only if it's relevant and valuable info. Promise.)

So, to sum it up:

You will get your personal test result not only for free but also without any obligation. We just want to make sure you know that you can always trust us, that we communicate and act in full transparency, and that we always just want to give value. 

You will see: We are a reputable company, founded by the inventor of the Purpose Bingo and author of the Purpose Guide, Marc Flint, registered as a legitimate and trustworthy LLC in Wyoming, USA. And we want to earn your trust by always giving you high-value tools and strategies to make the best of your life, your talents, and your dreams. Because that is OUR True Life Purpose. 😇

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What if I love this test and the result and want to dive deeper?

If you want to download your Test Result, you can do so by purchasing your individual Purpose.Guide Multimedia eBook for just $8.

There are a lot of benefits that you get in this unique resource that was developed over the last 8 years and downloaded by thousands of people from all over the world.

In the Purpose.Guide Multimedia eBook, you will find:

✨ Your Purpose Personality Test Result in written form,
✨ an extended version of your STRENGTHS,
✨ why your Personality Type will be needed in the next years,
✨ what your probable WEAKNESSES as such a type may be,
✨ and some personalized tips and recommendations.

PLUS, you will get:

💎 1) A special link to your individual Test Result as a beautiful Video and Audio to watch and listen to it as often as you like.

💎 2) The 3 best Exercises on how to FIND OUT your true Life Purpose (and no, it's not the old ones you know already like IKIGAI or Wheel of Life!),

💎 3) many additional resourcs to help you continue on your path towards a happy and successful Future Life. (we assume you like helpful bonuses and positive surprises, right? 🥰)

This multimedia eBook is indeed your Purpose.Guide. Just like a personal Life Coach who guides you through the confusion and chaos of these difficult times and can help you (for just $8!) to get significant results easily and fast - like many others have experienced before.

So to answer your question:
Purpose.Bingo > Purpose.Guide > additional resources
These are your best first steps to a purpose-driven life that matters.

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Why should I share this test with my friends?

Because it is in YOUR own best interest when you do that!

Imagine standing in a dark room full of strangers. But everybody has a candle in their hand. Suddenly, there's a spark, and a first candle spends light and warmth. We see the face of the person who lit their candle.

They use their light to ignite the other candles. It spreads. Without "losing" energy, every candle helps ignite and inspire the others. And much faster than anticipated, the room gets warm and bright, the darkness is gone, we see a lot of beautiful smiling faces, happy that the shadows are history.

We see new friends. We see interesting personalities that we can support with our powers - and they can compliment OUR weaknesses. This is how a better world begins. With a small group of inspired people, sharing their light.

So: please share the Purpose.Bingo - at the end, after answering the questions and when you get your result, you can share it with just one click to your Facebook™️ profile (or elsewhere, by copy/pasting the link).

Sharing is caring!

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If you have any other questions, please send us a mail to Bingo@Future.Coach

So ... all clear and good now?

Then take the free Test and find out your Purpose Personality!


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